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Digital Wealth Strategies

Create Profit, Wealth & Freedom From The Digital Asset Space


Guess what... the financial system isn’t built for you, it doesn’t work for you and it’s taking control of your money away from you.

Are you fed up with the Banks and other financial and corporate Institutions? Do you feel like you’re getting taken advantage of - and not able to make progress with working yourself into a better financial position?

Unfortunately, the financial system has evolved to benefit a small number of wealthy and powerful entities and middlemen. You know... the bankers/banks, big companies, super rich individuals, etc…. they all seem to get leg up to increase their wealth while you can’t even get decent interest paid out on your savings - or be able to save money at all.

These high wealth entities have been utilising the financial system to gain power and more wealth for many years - and this comes at the expense of you and society as a whole.

When you study what’s happening with the financial system, in more detail, you can see how the old, greed-fueled financial system is moving money away from the average person and transferring it to the rich - - it does this in a way that is complicated enough that most people don’t understand it and subtle enough that no one notices it gradually eroding away at their purchasing power and wealth.

The most powerful tools that are used to transfer wealth from the average person to the elite are ‘money’ and ‘debt manipulation’.

For instance did you know that 35% of the world’s US dollar circulation was “printed” in 2020 alone? This accelerates inflation which is a tool designed to eat at your wealth.

Most people know that money printing isn't good, but few understand that inflation is nothing more than a form of theft, and debt is how the thief enters your financial home.

Do you know that right now, as you read this and as you go to work every day to try to better your financial position... you are effectively losing 1% of your wealth every... single... month.

This debt driven financial system, that is designed to trap you and extract your hard earned money, is what we call the

Financial Matrix. And like the movie, you can break out of this rigged financial system and build wealth for yourself, your family and future generations - - and you can do it on your terms.

A new global opportunity to build wealth is opening up now….

A historical shift is happening right now that impacts your money and finance. Thanks to a revolutionary technology launched only 10 years ago, a new financial system has been forming, one that frees us from the control of money-sucking banks and middlemen who clip a fee on all financial transactions.

The injustice of the current financial system is gradually coming to an end thanks to tech innovation, and anybody can now have an opportunity to jump on the train before the vast majority of the public.

When you have the potential to harness this technology and earn up to 20x more interest than what the banks offer, why would you keep money in those accounts only earning a few cents? It’s real. It’s happening, and you have direct access to it, NOW.

The innovation is Blockchain, and the worldwide shift to Blockchain technology is so much more than just an economic shift to Cryptocurrency; it is going to impact all areas of our everyday lives, and particularly our personal finance and money.

Think about the Blockchain technology opportunity like this….

Imagine it’s like what the Internet was back when it started… it was a crazy idea and many people didn’t truly understand the technology underlying it and they didn’t fully understand the potential of how it would be used and how it would change our lives...but they knew it was something special and they took a chance… they invested in players that were working in the “Internet” space - they are now wealthy for generations to come.

...or perhaps imagine the people that were selling an insane idea in the 1980s how we could take big business supercomputers and make them accessible to the average person… they told us that people would want/need computers in their homes. Most people couldn’t understand this concept but some took the chance and invested in that space - they are now wealthy for generations to come. (and FYI we now carry around micro sized super computers in our back pockets!).

Blockchain, crypto and associated technologies is a ground floor opportunity and will impact our world and our lives more than the internet and personal computers combined.

Just ask yourself this question: do you really want to be looking back in 5 years time feeling like you have missed the greatest investment opportunity of this decade?

If you are reading this you won’t be able to say that you didn’t know this was going to happen - - you won’t be able to tell yourself that you missed it because it was not accessible to you. Plenty of people are already taking advantage of this information - and you can too.

Don’t wait too long. Get in touch with us and learn how we can work with you and assist you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


We have a range of products and services to assist the new or experienced investor to leverage the power of the digital asset space to accelerate your wealth creation, diversify your investment capital and/or adopt technology to benefit you, your family and your business.



Simplifying cryptocurrency and blockchain and helping you connect the dots on how to leverage it to benefit you and your business



Products that help you leverage the power of the digital assets space including Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and other innovative technologies



Tailored solutions to meet your requirements, budget and timelines from an organisation with years of experience delivering tech solutions


Breakout Solutions is a collective team of experienced professionals and crypto enthusiasts. Our team has extensive experience in the fields of IT, business, technology, software development, project management, marketing, finance, and investing.

Our goal is to do the hard work for you so that you can easily leverage the crypto & digital asset space to benefit you, your business, and your family.

We have a dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and coaches to help accelerate your crypto journey. We provide financial literacy and wealth mindset training and education that you can apply to the digital assets space.

On the research side, part of our job is to find the right projects at the right time to maximise your profit potential whilst managing risk. Our team thoroughly researches projects and new technology so you can avoid scams and have better insight into the projects you choose to invest in or choose to leverage for your business.

To help with your medium to long-term trading journey, our team of technical analysts assist with pinpointing whether the market is bullish or bearish to help you determine optimum times to buy and sell. Our diverse coaching staff provide education and tools to help you semi-automate your crypto investing so you can benefit from the immense wealth opportunity in this asset class, without needing a lot of time or technical know-how.

On the business side, we have a range of products and services that can help your business harness the power of digital assets to give you a competitive edge in your industry and increase revenue, generate additional streams of income, and protect your purchasing power. One of these solutions allows you to accept Fiat or Crypto payments from your customers, and receive either Fiat to your bank account or Stable Coins to your Crypto wallet.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to Help 1 Million People Reach Financial Independence By The year 2032.

Below are some of the key members of the Breakout Solutions team:

    Michael Hazilias

    Co-Founder & Head of Strategy & Tech

    Michael Hazilias has been in the IT industry for over 20 years building software and service solutions and is now involved in 5 technology companies employing over 50 staff in 5 cities across multiple countries.

    Michael is a successful investor and trader since 2013 (stocks, options, forex and Crypto) and has personally grown his Crypto investment portfolio significantly in the last few years. He is now combining his unique skills and experience in a way that is empowering the everyday person to break free of the debt-driven 'Financial Matrix' of our world today.

    Michael’s vision is for all individuals to reach a level of financial freedom allowing them to maximise their life and their impact on others and the world at large.

    Phil Diasinos

    Co-Founder and Head of Client Success

    Phillip Diasinos is a former engineer and analytical chemist. He left his profession to further his pursuit of knowledge to empower the masses with the tools to capitalise on the digital revolution and to insulate themselves against the growing financial divide.

    Through extensive personal development, trading, living and working across four continents he has built powerful networks of like-minded people to help bring this vision to life. Phillip’s faith in the crypto space led him to invest early and continue to grow and diversify his portfolio.

    A core value of his and the Breakout team is to bring meaningful financial education to individuals in any situation so that they can leverage their most valuable asset, time, creating true financial freedom.

    Wassim Dabboussi

    Head of Marketing & Community Engagement

    Wassim Dabboussi is serial entrepreneur of 17 years and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in his personal development and lives by the mantra ”You Will Never Ever Go Broke Investing In Yourself

    Wassim has been the number one salesperson several times for his clients, bringing in over $4,000,000 per month consistently.

    More recently he was forced to reinvent himself after facing financial ruin due to the COVID lockdown and Government restrictions on his businesses. He was able to quickly pivot to build a business from scratch and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in the midst of pandemic.

    He has now turned his complete focus to Crypto due to his belief that it is the only asset class that truly gives the everyday person a fighting chance to protect their assets, privacy and freedom in a world full of uncertainties!

    Matthew Battieri

    Head Coach and Technical Analyst

    Matthew Baitieri discovered Bitcoin in 2013 just like many crypto investors who FOMO’d in during the 2017 bull run. From 2019, he started trading with the Bitcoin he bought for under $4000 AUD back in 2017. Since then, he moved to the Gold Coast in Australia with the money he had made from investing in cryptocurrencies.

    Before, Matt was a gym owner for 10 years and a business coach for 4 years. Understanding that his purchasing power was decreasing each year due to inflation, he quickly realised that crypto was the path to keep his head well above water.

    Since then, he has invested in NFTs, the Metaverse, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) to keep a good passive income stream.

    He joined Breakout Solutions in January 2022 as his goal aligned with the company to help everyday people find financial freedom through digital assets.


A few of the amazing success stories...

"I can’t speak highly enough about Breakout Solutions. These guys are knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and a real pleasure to deal with.

My portfolio has performed extremely well and way above my initial expectation.

However to me the primary value of the service is in the immense knowledge and research which is continually being made available.

I know for sure that without this level of knowledge and support I would have made some costly mistakes."

John Mitchell

IT Manager and Breakout Solutions Member

"I knew I wanted to get into crypto but I had no idea where to start. There’s no way I could navigate the crypto market without someone that knows their stuff and also spends the time required.

After joining Breakout Solutions my portfolio has tripled and the best gains have come from crypto projects I’d never have discovered without Michael and Breakout’s help.

I highly recommend and value the services from Breakout Solutions."

Dave Meney

Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member

"Crypto is such a steep learning curve and you want a decent guide beside you so you don't fall into all the traps most new investors do.

These guys certainly know their stuff! It’s been very beneficial to learn from their mistakes and experience.

I was just doing the basics with the likes of BTC and ETH because I didn't really know what other coins to invest in... these guys have got me into a well diversified portfolio that I would have never considered - and the results speak for themselves.

I don't know any other investment vehicle that can nearly 3X your money in 3 months... it's nuts!"

Lance Jensen

Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member

"Most crypto and digital currency businesses and services distract you with flashing lights and great visuals, but they have little understanding of the actual technologies that run cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Breakout solutions have a professional background in technology and programming, so they can more dependably understand and forecast the value of different types of technology.

Their intelligence and unique approach to digital wealth strategies, and their own personal background with investing, makes them the best that I’ve worked with. I love their work and proudly endorse them."

Cyndi McCoy

Founder of 24:7 Friend and Breakout Solutions member

"I was interested in crypto but didn’t know the right people to guide me through this unique market.

The Breakout team have been very professional and assisted greatly in helping me benefit significantly from this opportunity.

Having experienced the process from start to finish, I am a big fan and I do not hesitate when recommending them to assist others on their crypto journey."

Stephen McCarthy

Insurance Broker and Breakout Solutions Member

“I had no idea how to navigate the crypto space and wouldn't dare to try myself given how “risky” it is.

The team at Breakout has taught me the initial steps to start trading and to think critically of what the next move is.

Since joining them I have been able to nearly triple my portfolio and now have the knowledge and confidence to continue progressing myself.

I would highly recommend the Breakout team if you’re looking for someone to support you on your Crypto Journey!”

Andrew Huynh

Physiotherapist and Breakout Solutions Member


Breakout Solutions

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